Who We Are.

Sanjeet Yadav ceo & co-founder

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Simply put, never acts like a boss but a leader. A creative individual with forever learning spirit. Calm and composed, two "full" Mugs of Coffee a day and you won't ever see him in stress. He has a simple philosophy to follow- "Just one Life", there was nothing and there will be nothing after this life, so do just everything at its best. Hits the Gym pretty hard, has a thing for telling stories, a lot of them. Always pursuing his multiple interests, has an impeccable concentration in Metro Stations. He is very fond of updating his Instagram with colour and quirks.


Dinesh Yadav / cfo & co-founder 

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Doesn't speak much, works a lot. Can be intimidating to someone at first but wait till you see him smile, one of the most genuine chuckles you can ever see. Great listener and an excellent negotiator, connect the dots. Rocks B&W photos sporting his dashing aviators and have a thing for classic sneakers. Is a caring father to two adorable kids, runs on chicken. Often you'll find him in Threads and Pals Tees, proud of what he's responsible for. He loves going places but has claustrophobia, so can give it a chance to drive till Switzerland! He knows every problem has a solution.


And a lot more who keep on working day & nights to do their jobs so that our customers all over the world can get their dream outfits on time.