Our Story

The Problem

There always been a question that kept nagging the mind that why good looking and designer outfits are so high on the pockets of common Indian buyers, the middle part of the pyramid. And two main issues with Indian e-commerce stores are- the fitting issue & the service a customer gets.

The Solution

At Maahaeroo, we started making designer outfits for the female but weren’t aware that Indians residing in foreign countries would fall in love with us! We knew how designers are charging even 8x margins, we have lesser greed! Didn’t expect it buy except domestic orders we have fulfilled orders from around 38 countries like Canada, US, UK, Italy, Dubai to name a few.

A small team with ambitious dreams is all it took us to reach here and find the path we need to focus on.

From two people to a team of designers, tailors, embroidery people & data crunchers it took hard work, sweat, arguments, quick decisions, and patience are all we have put in the roots of our company.

Not a very smooth journey but it’s a learning journey. We don’t waste 100s of pages in business plans we have that in mind only, we just do what’s right and achievable on a particular point of time. On the other hand, we welcome ideas even from the housekeeping staff. We don’t belong to IIT, IIM, ISB etc and that’s why don’t vomit management jargons.