Story of Akhtar

Story of Akhtar

He’s the cutest and self motivated hand embroidery artisan we have ever worked with. ⁣

He keeps smiling & sometimes laughing without any reason. Once asked, he narrated a movie dialogue: “This guy in movie asked to his friend what happened, you are looking sleep deprived. His friend told him that a mosquito 🦟 didn’t let him sleep & in return he also didn’t let the mosquito to sleep” 😀⁣

Partly Filmy origins, ran away from his home back in Bihar at the mere age of 13 alongwith two kids as a curious being, partly looking for something new. Worked in Inderlok in an ammunition's karkhana, moved from there to learn Zardozi for a year in Hauz Rani. Has been working ever since as a Hand work artisan. ⁣

He started with a salary of INR 4500 per month currently having 13 years of experience serving for the likes of Avia Fashion and Tarun Tahiliani. Prefers and likes working on newer designs, the prettier the better. Profoundly, he never gets bored with his work. Values important to him in an artisan-designer relationship are, obedience and punctuality, attentiveness, humility and communicative conversation. ⁣

Every month, on payday, he’s very punctual to send money back to his family in his hometown and then spend something on himself.
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