How we designed our office

How we designed our office

The real challenge was to find an affordable and beautiful place that we would call our Mecca for quite some time. We had to set up a manufacturing unit, an office area, one dining area, a shoot portion and a stock room. 

We'd in mind that the place should be unique where we can conduct interviews & meetings. A place where our employees can enjoy their working hours. Lots of requirements from a place that would become hard for us to find.

After looking out for a couple of days for an office space we zeroed down on a space that was simply challenging! 

A basement that looked like a ghosts' palace with just two pillar and two staircases. Everything else was a nightmare! We chose it because of 3 reasons-

  1. It was a main road plot
  2. It was vacated for around 1.5 years because of it's nightmarish look so we were getting fair rent quote &
  3. As always we love challenges, so there was an irresistible urge to do some magic on this ghosts place.

We chose this portion as our main office area and started working on it.

We gave it a partition to make two areas for work desks. 

We instructed the Interior Design team to make this raw wall opposite to that partition. I remember an instance when we reached to inspect the work by the Interior Design team. As soon as we reached, a sudden reaction came out.

"Who made you Interior Designer?", I taunted. The wall was tilted and nobody noticed it. Then it was unfixed and fixed again from the upper quarter portion.


To make the partition for main office area and manufacturing unit with a lobby area for entrance we finalised a bamboo wall. A brick wall was the first and costly option. Gypsum wall was a cheaper second option. Still, we wanted to get something that looks better and costs us lesser. Driving on the roads in search of something, we stopped at a roadside chick-maker shop.

He had 3-4 bamboo sticks and some folding chicks that are used as curtains. We discussed our requirment and reached out at a solution that would look better and would cost us 1/3rd of the brick wall.


So now we had a proper partition. This area we finalised for machines.


This corner area we chose for Stock Room and installed gypsum walls.

And here is what came out.

We love this wall, it's above our team workstation.

Doing some White Magic on a Black Wall.



And it's known as Founder's Chamber ;)






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