How things are done here at Maahaeroo

How things are done here at Maahaeroo

1. Once the order is received, the team coordinates to source the required fabrics and other consumables. All the stages of orders are managed properly.
orders at Maahaeroo
2. Post sourcing, fabrics are sent for dyeing to the local dyers as per the colour requirements.

dye at Maahaeroo

3. Patterns are cut then by pattern-master on paper sheets, these are basically the foundation of a perfect fitted outfit.

pattern cutting Maahaeroo

4. The sketches are communicated for special requirements & khaka(design to be embroidered) are made post the pattern cutting.

sketching at Maahaeroo

5. Khaka is sent to embroidery person to pin and print on fabric. Then embroidery is done as per the design requirement. Design decides If it's needed to be done by manual machine or by hand.

Adda embroidery at Maahaeroo

6. The final stage is assembling all the parts and stitching outfits. A quality check is done post stitching.

stitching at Maahaeroo

7. Outfits are then packed and shipped in wasted fabrics to maintain the sustainable approach.

sustainable packing at Maahaeroo

And all this is backed up by unlimited cups of coffee ☕️ .

coffee at Maahaeroo

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