Doctor Deepti

Doctor Deepti

I am Deepti well Dr. Deepti 😊
I believe in mindful living, passion for dance and art, love travelling. Trust that the whole universe is conspiring to give you the best💗

Maahaeroo Saree

Republic Day flag hoisting in Maahaeroo Saree.


What’s your usual routine?

My usual routine is to wake up early, working out, cooking & then getting ready to go to hospital. I work at a rural hospital where I see innocent labourers and homemakers with their medical issues. I monitor kids' vaccinations and COVID follow ups.


Dr Deepti Doing Gardening                              Gardening is like meditation for me.



Late in the evening, I come home, spend some time with my girls, do a bit gardening 🧑‍🌾  and then I prepare dinner.


What makes you happy?

There is a long list- 
A flower blossoming in my garden,
My strong morning coffee,
My girls’ sweet smile,
My happy patients,
Driving through the fields,
A R Rehman's music,
Evening garam chai,
Late night movie &




How do you take care of your physical health?

I workout everyday, drink lots of water and eat healthy. I eat millets, have green tea and consume fresh and dry fruits.


How do you feel about your job?

Am so very happy with my job! I worked for COVID patients 7 months straight in the row, treating thousands of them. Privileged to be a COVID warrior and serving the poor being a govt medical officer.


 Doctor Deepti


What does this pandemic taught you?

The pandemic showed how strong one can be! Stayed away from the family, ate and slept in a PPE, lived alone with people around me being scared that I may bring infection to them from the hospital.

And, I have seen true colours of people. Instead of supporting or admiring, people from my apartment stayed away from me! Thank god they didn’t push me out.


Leisure Time


One more thing, the pandemic and lockdown has taught me to love myself more. Whenever I got some time off, I did whatever I wanted to do.


Have a little fire burning within you.. no matter how small it may be.!

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