A little about us

A little about us

We started Maahaeroo because of the price tags on designer wears that kept irritating us. Moreover, what fits in the budget, somehow, doesn’t have the quality.

All Over the World.

Till date, we have touched customers from a total of 38 countries/ states/ regions with our custom fit designer wear with a price bracket of 10,000 INR- 1,27,000 INR and a 97% satisfaction rate.


Afghanistan Australia Canada
Pennsylvania Liverpool Fiji
Johannesburg France Georgia
Germany Italy Jordan
Malaysia Mauritius Qatar
New Zealand Saudi Arabia UK
South Africa Sri Lanka UAE
Switzerland Singapore USA
Gibraltar Hong Kong Virginia
Texas Ontario California
New Jersey Kowloon Yorkshire
New York Paris Abu Dhabi
Florida Massachusetts


We have touched lives with our belief that “No Body Is Standard” hence we have ditched standard sizing concept, totally. More interestingly, an average of 3 out of 10 customers place repeat orders with us and refer others.

Our CLV to CAC ratio is around 18:1 calculated since we started up, one and a half years ago, in comparison to 3:1 for any SaaS company with subscription plans. Unbelievable, right?


If you have any comments or improvements that we could make on new lots, do not hesitate to share them by sending us a message via Contact Form.

The whole team Maahaeroo Thank you for this fabulous year 2018 spent together, and wish you a very nice year 2019!



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